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Non fiction


Therapy in the Wild, (Positive Spiral Press), 2023

"We were like animals"

"When snow collapsed"

"An Immigrant's Pinchers"

The Harper Anthology (2005)

The Influence of Religious Imagery within Mass Media 


Pat Hill, black cop who championed police reform in Chicago, dies, The Chicago Reporter, 2017.


From Nun to Nobel Nominee, Insight Magazine, 2014.

Mandela: The Cost of Greatness, The Democracy and Governance Network, 2013

African Ministers of Health agree to improve access to pain medication,, 2013.

Race as a Trigger, ColorLines Magazine, 2007.


Somali pastoralist women fill their animal skins with water in drought-prone Eastern EthiopiaSmithsonian Magazine, 7th Annual photo contest, 2009



A Hole in the World: Finding Hope in Rituals of Grief and Healing by Amanda Held Opelt (Interview featured in chapter 4), Worthy Publishing (Hatchett Group), 2022


McClelland Reporting Award, 2007

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