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Opportunities for collaboration

A social following begins with an invisible dialogue that goes something like this:

Person following: "I will follow you to gain a laugh, a fact, an understanding of trends"

Person followed: "I will keep the machine of content going to earn your engagement and retain your attention."

This works great for public figures, individuals, cultural icons.

But what about cause marketing. How do you take your content to the next level?

I have found that executives accountable to their boards often perceive communications as an output - a deliverable on Twitter, Facebook, an event update to the website. 

However, effective communications begins with a strategy. not the sit on the shelf to collect dust strategy. A strategy with a two pronged approach:

1. Rooted in audience empathy, bearing each audience segment in mind.

2. Rooted with consideration of  communications manager and how to strategically leverage their skills.

The communications landscape has shifted and no two managers are alike. One may excel in social media, another in long form narrative. One may excel in coordination, another in video production. 

Each of these are building blocks to telling a story. But what is your organization's story. 

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Good communications requires input into the communications manager - the gateway to the organization being knowledgable about the subject matter they are to communicate.

Communications as an expertise. For this purpose I obtained an MPH with an emphasis on health communication. Covid19 has shown us that cultural perception is at the heart of behavior change. Whether that changed behavior is to influence donors to give more funds, politicians to leglislate, or stakeholders. or measuring impact of messages. 

What I offer.

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