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Unveiling the Writer

I knew from a very young age that writing was imperative to impact. 

My mother, being an early childhood educator for deaf and blind children in Israel, allowed me to enter her classroom and to have my senses overwhelmed. The sounds of children seeking out channels to communicate through laughter, shouts, drumming on tables, moved me to understand that creativity was cornerstone to improving quality of life of marginalized populations.

Pursing degrees in Journalism and International Development and living  in East Africa for seven years, I came to see that good writing requires curiosity and listening as an immersive process.

Sitting with elders, talking with district politicians, holding the hands of people living with HIV/AIDS, breathing their last with advanced cancer, all these experiences are woven together. 

A new approach to communications.

I have found that executives accountable to their boards often perceive communications as an output - a deliverable on Twitter, Facebook, an event update to the website. However, effective communications begins with a strategy. A purpose bearing each audience segment in mind. Good communications requires input into the communications manager - the gateway to the organization being knowledgable about the subject matter they are to communicate. Communications as an expertise. For this purpose I obtained an MPH with an emphasis on health communication. Covid19 has shown us that cultural perception is at the heart of behavior change. Whether that changed behavior is to influence donors to give more funds, politicians to leglislate, or stakeholders. or measuring impact of messages. 

Donors who funded this work often wanted to understand the "why" behind  behaviors. Data could only tell them a partial story, it took conversation to uncover the rest. 

I sat with elders, dister I realized that I wanted to report with one hand and engage in the humanitarian interventions affecting people's lives.

I like to experiment with various writing styles and techniques. I’m never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about my work, hold a workshop, or my innovative approach to writing.

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